Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (Deathlike Silence Productions/Century Black Records) - Back
This by far will remain (in my opinion) the first full-length and best Mayhem output to date. The production sound with all of the instruments have such an evil/Satanic vibe to the overall sound of this masterpiece. There is such an enormous history with Mayhem and several line-up changes because of suicide, murder, and Melancholia associated with the band members. I won't touch on the full history here I merely wish to speak merely in terms of the album and why I like many others consider this release to be a masterpiece which influenced so many Black Metal outfits.

Beginning this onslaught is the up-tempo guitar output by Euronymous, Varg (whose bass tracks were mixed in lower than the original sound because of his murdering of Euronymous) and Hellhammer dishing out some fast-paced drum bits. I think Euronymous did make a good choice on who did vocals for this album which was Attila from Holland. His vocals are like no others and tremendously eerie. Of course most Mayhem fans praised "Dead" as the best Mayhem vocalist I'd say that Attila does a good job making the record sound more demonic/Satanic in tone.

Dead wrote the lyrics to this release however the band made the album a tribute to Euronymous and his passing back in 1994. For further information about the band check out or the book "Lords Of Chaos" has a new edition out on paperback.

Every track on this release is absolutely masterminded as the tempo changes, the vocals and drums don't just fit well altogether they fit like no other Black Metal release I've heard. Although the lead guitar isn't the greatest it still meshes well into the song's rhythm guitar output. 8 tracks of pure Norwegian Satanic Black Metal is what you get here.

Even though Euronymous played on a Les Paul he had a pedal which brought the sound to having a purely distorted tone to it. I really like the tempo changes there are boughts of intensity lurking among most tracks variation, precision, and talent is entirely evident even though the production sound of the guitar is a bit muddled though you can still make out the riffs and bass. Attila's vocals are entirely undecipherable unless you read the lyrics to this. They are very well thought out, dark and mysterious but that is what others thought of "Dead" was. Not to mention that his severe Melancholia killed him he still was able to write 8 awesome songs to accompany the music to this.

I personally like the intro track "Funeral Fog" it has much riff variety to it but overall it's pretty fast/up-tempo especially the drum parts Hellhammer completely dominates! But also check out "Pagan Fears". Each track is lengthy and anything but boring. These songs deserve utmost praise to them!


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