Megadeth - Risk (Capital) - Back
Everything seems to be changing around in the late 90's, more and more bands like the use of electronic technology in their music. Megadeth is no different. The bands new effort "Risk" is a dawn of a new age for the band. Like fellow metal alumni Metallica, Megadeth has lightened up their sound and made their music more commercial. Yes, the sound of a band being more commercial is dependant on the listener, but the distortion is easily determinable. Also their sounds can be found in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as Goldberg's theme music, the NHL as a new promotion for Hockey, and even in a video game; Duke Nukem. This first track on the CD "Insomnia" is a good example of an industrialized, commercial, metal band. It almost sounds like a cross of Nine Inch Nails with a mix of the Beatles. A sound that is definitely not expected from a metal legend such as Megadeth. There is no familiarity with the 12 tracks on this album with anything in the past. It's almost like its an entirely different band. Every track seems to have a different sound and different direction. I give this album a 62, and the only reason why its so high is that they are willing to experiment with different things, it may not have came out for the better but its and effort.

Rating: 62