Melodic Meltdown - Second Skin (Independent) - Back
Michael Sobygge abandons his solo instrumental efforts with his new band Melodic Meltdown. This is the first time that any of his work has gone under this name except for the title of his first solo album. The title of this CD is "Second Skin," a good choice for title since this is a new approach to his music. "Second Skin" is a vocal oriented metal album with inspirations from Malmsteen to Pink Floyd, and from Led Zeppelin to Metallica. With his instrumental efforts he made the guitars tell the story, now the singer does, and the guitar solos help a little. There are a few songs that are my favorites. "Memory Lane" and "Dragon's Teeth" are pretty good songs. I really liked his instrumental work on his past albums more then now with a singer. That says a lot about this guitarist; his ability to make you feel the music is what gets you into the songs. If Michael Sobygge wants to go the full band direction he might want to continue all the way to create a band like Stratovarius or Blind Guardian.

Rating: 74