Melodic Meltdown - The Missing Link (Independent) - Back
“The Missing Link” is the two tracks, ten minute EP from Melodic Meltdown. Probably the most well know in the band is guitarist Michael Søbygge. I know him from his previous guitar work. He has quite a music background. This disc has some similarities to bands like Queensryche, Dream Theater, and Fates Warning, and a little resemblance to 80’s hair metal ballads. I wonder if this is the new musical direction mentioned on their info sheet. They have a little bit of a garage band feel to their music too. I can picture them playing at a local pub. The music includes progressive riffs and some stuff just rocks out. Overall the songs are decent, but don’t seem to carry much energy besides during the solos. They are probably the best elements on this disc. The CD is calm and melodic; it seems much more melodic than what Michael Søbygge has done in the past. Vocals are kinda generic, nothing exceptional. I wouldn’t say this is bad, just that I have heard styles similar to this done with better direction. I think they need more energy in their music, and they need to use more of Michael’s talents to make Melodic Meltdown more pulsating.

Rating: 72