Memorized Dreams - Theater Of Life (Sound Riot) - Back
The first time I got all the way through this album, I realized I didn’t absorb enough to really know what to think. Memorized Dreams tries to create power metal like Stratovarius type bands, but they way they do it seems very cut and dry. They don’t seem dynamic enough in a form of metal that demands them to be dynamic. Musically, they can play their instruments, but there are many bands out there that do it much better. The songs jump all over the place; from a power metal sound, to thrash, to a hard rock sound, it ruins the flow sometimes. Vocals get annoying after a while, but when he does have it together he reminds me a little of Tim Owens, the current vocalist for Iced Earth (formerly of Judas Priest). It almost seems that they have to use enough reverb to make is vocals sound good at times and as the songs progress throughout the album, they seem to get worse. He has a whining vocal style, in “Crimson Dream” and when he tries to hit high notes, the vocals are just plain bad. “Neverland” has off key vocals that just sound annoying, but a riff that reminds me of Led Zeppelin. The two somewhat redeeming tracks “Haloes and Wings” and “Gates of Heaven aren’t much to offer, but it shows that this isn’t total crap. Basically they have one decent part, that’s the musicians…everything could use some improvement.

Rating: 63