Mennen - Freakazoid (Escapi Music) - Back
Mennen is a band that could probably be best described as progressive hard rock, even though there are many elements to their sound. Their music changes from song to song, anywhere from a rock ballad, to power metal, to hard rock, and even some progressive rock. Overall, this CD is not really all that heavy and I there are parts that I liked and disliked, quite evenly. The guitar work is pretty good, nice leads and solos. Also, the band works well together and knows how to write. However, their songs aren’t always appealing. I don’t know what it really causes it, but parts of the music can get hard to listen to. I guess you can say those parts have nothing to pull you into the composition. Musically the are almost a cross between Van Halen, Queen, Dream Theater and any 80’s hair metal band. The hair metal sound is from the guitar squeals and layered singing. There are more aggressive/progressive songs, which are at least decent and are reminiscent of Dream Theater. But, just when this album gets going from a fast paced song, they drop an emotionally dulling song into the mix. It reminds me of the U2 dulling resonance. I don’t care too much for that sound. The slower paced songs only made one thing heavy, my eyelids. These fourteen songs last almost an hour and there are some hard rock and metal riffing sneaking in there. There are some highlights, but for the most part this left me unfulfilled. Not metal enough for my taste.

Rating: 61