Mental Horror - Proclaiming Vengeance (Deathvomit Records) - Back
Blasting their way through their latest release, Mental Horror is unrelentless on their CD "Proclaiming Vengeance." Extreme is the best way to explain the band. The guitars shred while the drums pummel creating a very fierce form of death metal. Much like their countrymen Krisiun, these Brazilian metal heads have created an album that the majority of their songs sound similar to each other. The continuous black beats might be one reason, but this technique can also attribute to boredom after a few songs. I don't mind a few songs but after a while I want to listen to something else. If intensity and a pummeling assault is an interest of yours that would make you ignore the repitition, then you might want to take a listen to Mental Horror, otherwise you might want to venture elsewhere.

Rating: 52