Mercenary - 11 Dreams (Century Media) - Back
Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my chin…this disc has made my jaw drop and freeze my face, with my mouth wide-open, staring at my stereo. Melodic Swedish death, mixed with progressive symphonic power metal; it’s quite a mix. Mercenary has incredible balance between the extreme death like clatter and somewhat mellow power metal resonance. Most like Susperia when you’re talking about writing skills with crossing metal styles. A host of bands come to mind when thinking about their music and might explain more of the dynamics of this band. Blind Guardian, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Nevermore, Dream Theater fans should feast well on “11 Dreams.” At times Mercenary creates an atmosphere like Bal-Sagoth; ambient, yet intense. There are elements fans from death, thrash, black, progressive and power metal will be impressed by. All tracks are good, but “World Hate Center”, the title track “11 Dreams,” and “reDestructDead” are my favorites. I found myself chanting choruses along with the band the first time I listen to the tracks, that’s how catchy this is. The songs are commanding especially track 3, “11 Dreams”. It has staying power, and is captivating and enticing. With a great chorus, you can get right into this song and listen to it over and over again. It has amazing radio potential. An album like this assures you that metal is what everyone should be listening to. Amazing musicscapes makes this CD addicting. The music has a complete sound and nothing seems to be missing. And the vocal range includes screeching death vocals to a clean, powerful, almost majestic voice…quite a dynamic voice. To finish off this album, there are impressive solos that last the perfect amount of time and aren’t overbearing. Metal heads should be talking about this disc for a while.

Rating: 92