Merendine Atomiche - The Holy Metal (No Brain Records) - Back

Starting in 1997, Merendine Atomiche released their first demo. But the year after, the band decided to become a Metallica Tribute band. These influences are felt in their latest release "The Holy Metal." They have gone back to writing their own music. From the thrashing riffs to the ballad breakdowns, these guys definitely have something going for them. If they could get in a studio like Metallica has then these guys would already be big. The way they write some of their songs, its much like the way Metallica used to. The five songs on this CD last for nearly thirty minutes, a good length to each song. This is a young band, and they can only get better. Some of their members are in their early twenties, and their rhythm guitarist is seventeen. Don't let their age deter you from their musicianship. There are some decent solos, and some really catchy riffs. All the songs on the CD are solid, and none really stand out except for "The Guardian," but it still is decent CD. Give these guys a couple years and you may see them touring with some of the big metal bands of the World.

Rating: 75