Meris - 2004 Demo (Independent) - Back
Meris is a quartet from the San Francisco Bay Area. I haven’t heard what their first demo sounded like but this would be a good start for a band to get signed. The Meris “2004 Demo” has three tracks of hard rock/metal for almost fourteen minutes. I don’t know if they consider themselves metal or not but its at least hard rock with some metal techniques. Think Alice In Chains, Tool, Chevelle, Nirvana, Korn, System of a Down, and Metallica. It sounds pretty good even though they sound like a young band. The music is straightforward and not too complex and the songs are written well enough to entice you throughout the disc. Most riffs are generally catchy. Nothing is exceptional but everything is better than mediocre. Each song has its own glory moments and their own feel. I’d like to hear more of Meris to get more of an idea what they can create.

Rating: 75