Meshuggah - Catch Thirty-Three (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Heavy, bombastic, technical… for the most part its what you would expect from Meshuggah. But, I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat about this review. Keep in mind that I have been a Meshuggah fan for years. Similar to their last EP, “I” in that the whole disc is really one song, it’s just broken into tracks on “Catch Thirty-Three.” Even though it’s separated into 13 tracks, you should probably think of it as one song. You could say this is broken into chapters or movements as well. Meshuggah are trying to be more creative. They accomplish that, but it’s not quite as superior as usual, it’s still pretty strong though. Normally they are creative, but it may have hurt them a little on this one. The band is more artistic with their music on this one…more artistic, less rhythmic. Occasionally their songs might be a little stale and repetitious. “Mind’s Mirror” is quite experimental and nothing to really offer a metal fan apart from a break from the normal Meshuggah heaviness, well except for a chaotic end. On the other hand, some of these riffs could make the toughest guy submit. They keep pounding and pounding! My favorite tracks included such riffs. Songs 1-3 as a group, “In Death – Is Life,” and “Dehumanization” still show the band can still write first-class heavy songs. “Catch Thirty-Three was a little bit of a disappointment for me, but it’s Meshuggah so it’s still good.

Rating: 79