Metalium - Demons Of Insanity-Chapter Five (Crash Music) - Back
Wow, how time really flies! Metalium is back with “Demon Of Insanity-Chapter Five.” It’s hard to believe it’s Metalium’s 5th album. As you should all know, Metalium play power metal, but some of these riffs are pretty damn heavy. They are hard hitting almost like Fear Factory or Pissing Razors, much heavier than the conventional power metal band. Just about every track on this CD is at least decent. “Power Of Time,” “Ride On,” and “Mother Earth” are my favorite tracks. The only lull in their music is when they don’t have any normal guitar riffing. They tend to fill it with singing and/or keys and bass. But, the drums are pretty much always there. Their choruses are a strong point for this band, pretty much always has been, and solos are pretty nice too. Overall “Demons Of Insanity” is a good album, and should grab the attention of your traditional power metal fans.

Rating: 84