Metalium - Nothing To Undo-Chapter Six (Crash Music) - Back
“Nothing to Undo” is the sixth studio album or chapter as Metalium puts it, in the bands eight year career. Ever since the inception into the metal world in 1999 with their first disc “Millennium Metal,” this band has screamed metal with both devil-horned hands pumping in the air! This quartet from Germany has once again blended their 80’s traditional, thrash, and power metal into a pleasing metal smoothie. Heavy thrash guitar licks, powerful leads, and sweet solos show everyone what is right with metal today and with Metallium. “Nothing to Undo” is full of energy and has nice fills to make sure you stay interested. Not to mention, the marvelous singing power metal vocals of Henning. Sometimes he has a similar edge to his vocals as Eric Adams from Manowar; he has a similar grimace. On the ten tracks and forty-four minutes, every song is solid while “Mindless,” “Heroes Failed” and “Follow the Sign” proved to be my favorite tunes. Rounding out the disc is Metalium’s cover of the Queen classic “Show Must Go On.” It’s also a worth mention. If you are a fan of the more traditional style of metal, you must check out “Nothing To Undo.”


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins