Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Elektra Records) - Back
The Metallica of the 80's definitely reigned the Metal world they literally were leaders in the Thrash Metal genre. Another great follow-up from "Ride The Lightning" I'd have to say that "Master Of Puppets" dominated even more so in the songwriting.

Production-wise by Metallica and Flemming Rasmussen was impeccable. Only 8 tracks here but almost an hour's worth of incredible Thrash Metal. I still think if Cliff Burton their bassist up until this release was still in the band Metallica would not have taken the musical style that they now undertake.

Opening track "Battery" has some acoustic guitars then BAM domineering electric guitar riffs that are simply baffling. Their style (riff-wise) was some of the greatest works that they've ever accomplished. There really is nothing missing from this album the vocals, guitar/lead guitar, bass and drums.

It's a damn shame this band has really gone to waste. But anyway, in terms of the writing for this release is simply impeccable. I especially like the closing track "Damage Inc." an amazing track but then again I highly esteem all tracks done on this album.

I'm still in favor of "...And Justice For All" as being Metallica's best ever release but this album is a must for those of you into Thrash Metal. There are so many highlights on this album the instrumental "Orion" with Cliff Burton on Lead Bass really dominates. The structure and writing style for all tracks on this release are entirely original and memorable.


Reviewed By: Death8699 -