Metallica - And Justice For All (Elektra Records) - Back
Metallica got me into listening to Thrash Metal as well as all other kinds of Metal. I would conclude that this is the last great release by them. The Metallica of the 90's and present day are nothing like I knew of them during the 80's. I would conclude that this is one of their hardest releases. Everything mixed well and the guitar is sooooooo heavy but of course there are clean parts during the song "One" as well as an acoustical piece done in memory of Cliff Burton which is on "To Live Is To Die".

The guitars are ultra-heavy for the most part and the riffs are memorable not only on "Blackened" but the whole album is simply amazing. It seemed to me that they were flawless with this release. The only downside is that it is hard to hear the bass guitar during the songs. Metallica on this release played uncompromising Thrash Metal that landed them millions of dollars. They even did a video for the song "One".

Metallica used to be against making videos but nowadays they really compromised their style and seem to just be aiming to please listeners. I'd have to conclude that if Cliff was still around Metallica would be still reigning in the Thrash Metal department. But oh well, "And Justice For All" kicks serious ass. The whole entire album seemed to be flawless to me.

If you haven't heard this release yet then first check out "Blackened", "Dyers Eve", and "The Shortest Straw". I'd conclude that all songs even ones I didn't mention kicked serious ass. I think this was a platinum release. If you're into Thrash Metal then this album is definitely for you!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -