Methodust - The Numbing Victory (Independent) - Back
In 2005 Methodust released this demo entitled “The Numbing Victory.” It’s comprised of four songs and about twenty minutes of a blackened, death, doom sound. Varying parts remind me of Venom, Immortal, Dark Throne and even doomy elements like My Dying Bride.

The main body of the guitarwork is either speedy riffage or rather simple dark groove driven riffs and beats, like old school black metal. Death/black vox are at the helm, they work fine for this band. Intense blast beats can also be found in their composition. A few of the riffs seemed off or out of place, besides that it’s all right.

The quality of the recording may be a problem for some people as it really doesn’t sound that good because of its raw nature. It was a two-day recording process – and it sounds like it. It has that demo sound. Kind of hard to listen to at times, that’s how a number of demos go though. Cleaning up the recording would have given me a better impression of Methodust, but the way it is now, select parts I was shaking my head and cringing that theses guys need some help!

Though I was not impressed, this is not totally a lost cause. There are a few redeeming parts that could carry them to their next, and hopefully improved, release.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins