Michael Schenker Group - Be Aware Of Scorpions (SPV) - Back
Michael Schenker likes everything about music. Whether it has to do with playing guitar, writing songs, producing an album or going on tour, it is the predominate focus of his life. Michael is best know for his work in U.F.O., and his start in his brother's band, at the age of fifteen, the Scorpions. Thirty years after joining his brother's band, Michael has put out an album entitled "Be Aware Of Scorpions." Schenker can still play the guitar amazingly, but his style has lost something. It doesn't seem that music that he is putting out has the same power and direction that he once had, or it could just be the times that we live in. Anyhow, this disk is around fifty-seven minutes long and has a total of thirteen songs. Michael has been a fan of music all of his life, and still loves everything about it, but maybe he should think about re-inventing himself, at least think about what he can do to make his music a little more interesting.

Rating: 57