Michael Søbygge - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Independent) - Back
"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" is the latest CD by Michael Søbygge and while the ability of the guitar master has improved, I think the addition of vocals in some songs has taken away from the disk. The vocals aren't really sung all that well, and they definitely don't help the music out any. Basically this cd picks up where "No Words Needed" left off, with the addition of the so-so vocals. But Michael's ability to play continues to grow and improve. The production of this CD is much like the last one, lacking mixing quality. What also has improved is the amount of songs and length of the CD. This CD stand at fifteen tracks and forty-seven minutes of music. It seems that the sound has gone more metal then his last effort, with more leads that have distortion. But there is still a good amount of acoustic guitar as well. As I said with the other disk, fans of amazing musicians might enjoy this, but be aware of the vocals.

Rating: 70