Michael Søbygge - No Words Needed (Independent) - Back
"No Words Needed" is the perfect name for an album for a guitar virtuoso. If you play well enough you don't need any words, all you need is the sound that comes from the guitar. This is what Michael Søbygge showcases on this CD. He basically tries to outplay himself, with shredding leads, melodic arpeggios, and spine tingling solos. Michael uses many forms of music to compose these solo albums. Classical, Spanish, metal, and quite a few more styles fly out of his guitar. I rather enjoyed all his acoustic solos and leads, they show quite a bit of style and feeling. The majority of this CD is not metal, it's more to an acoustic symphony that changes to distortion to get a dramatic feeling. The eleven tracks on this CD last for over forty-four minutes. That is eleven tracks of all instrumental music. The production of the CD is a little sloppy and may need a little cleaning up, but it doesn't take away from the ability of Michael. Some of his riffs and leads might be a little chaotic and off signature, it threw me off at first, but I'm sure it's just artist expression. Check out Michael Søbygge if you enjoy listening to a person really play a guitar.

Rating: 70