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Pittsburgh power trio Midnite Snake plays instrumental acid rock. For people that know what that is, think Acid Mother’s Temple, High Rise, Main Liner, Oneida, Can, Blue Cheer, Sabbath, Zepplin, Hendrix and MC5. I know that sounds like a lot of bands, but you have to understand their approach. This self-titled CD has psychedelic sounds and experimentation all over it. Stoner rock might be another term that describes their music, but this is all instrumental. That’s right, there are no vocals. You might think that without vocals the songs would be boring. That’s not the case here. The solos that dance all over this disc fills in the void of having no vocalist. I would like to see what they would sound like with a singer but it could take the band in different direction, which might not be good. Besides the solos there are a bunch of great riffs to groove to. A few things they could work on include the drums sounding like they are a little far away. Its not bad, but I wish it was a little crisper. Some parts are drawn out or repetitive. But, you have to except some repetition because it happens with bands that jam out. I don’t want to make something big off something that wasn’t huge in the span of this album but, in the song “Machinegun Cock,” what made them think that an air raid siren could help their music? I know they were trying to create a certain feel to the track, I found the siren annoying. If they used it in the beginning for no more than thirty seconds, it probably wouldn’t be so overbearing. Now with that out of the way, time for the better things. The tracks “Nitro-Turbo-Overdrive,” “Ambassadors Of Throttle,” and “Snakebite At Midnite” all grabbed my attention. They are all pleasing songs that demonstrate Midnite Snake’s ability.

Rating: 64