The Mighty Nimbus - The Mighty Nimbus (Threeman/Candlelight) - Back
Ten tracks and over fifty minutes of stoner metal/doom will introduce you to The Mighty Nimbus. Though the band is new, you may know a couple members from other endeavors. Erik Larson from Alabama Thunderpussy and Pete Champel from Sixty Watt Shaman got together while on a tour in the summer of 2002. What they created is an attention-grabbing sound from the style crossover. You could say they are comparable to Black Sabbath, Clutch, Sheavy, and Down if they were combined. Think heavy, groove driven, doom or raw, abrasive, stoner rock. This self-titled CD has the classic buzzsaw guitar sound that I’m sure all are familiar with. The vocals range from a full, soulful, southern rock sound to a Phil Anselmo manner to nonspecific death metal roar. It’s hard to picture these guys doing anything with death metal vocals, so it might seem a little weird, but I do like the more extreme vocals mixed in. It adds another decent element to this band. They even have nice instrumental that breaks up the disc and a cover of Born Too Late (St. Vitus). The Mighty Nimbus has a good ability to play different styles, but I dug the more groove driven tracks better. It’s a good start for a promising future. You can tell they are trying to figure out their sound now.

Rating: 77