Minas Tirith - Dissertatio Prophetae (FaceFront) - Back
For a band that's been around since 1989, they are still somewhat of an unknown find in the Norwegian lands. Let alone... the world. Minas Tirith, however, have found some attention in the live settings thanks specifically to the band we call Mayhem! Don't expect to hear a stunning black metal assault, though. On the contrary, these three philosophers are a very unique progressive metal band with some thrash & death metal molded together. A very experimental ensemble to say the least. Not your typical mystical dark metal outfit. "Enemykind" and "God of God's God" are perfect examples of contrast in Minas Tirith's musical spectrum. "Enemykind" is more of an aggressive, yet experimental, death metal offering. Meanwhile, "God of God's God" is a much more progressive rock n roll-oriented piece. There are tons of lush, atmospheric melodies on "Dissertatio Prophetae" alongside the already bravely-woven elements aforementioned. So if you're looking to explore a bit for something fresh, Minas Tirith isn't a bad start. For those into experi-metal-tation!!

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell