Mindgrinder - Riot Detonator (Candlelight) - Back
Mindgrinder’s new album “Riot Detonator” is metal in a death and thrash vein. At times they can be akin to bands like Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, and Immolation. It’s mostly death metal but there are some thrash influences too. This band features current and former members from Zyklon, Emperor and Windir, so you can understand their ability to write extreme music. The enraged vocals vary from abrasive yelling to death style in which the yelling vox are your standard yelling type, comparable to Neurosis, and the death vocals are similar to a combination Ross of Immolation, Glen of Deicide, and David of Morbid Angel. Besides the vocals, the heavy, brutal riffs and intense drums beats will fill you with energy as you helplessly nod to the music. A good example of this is track eight, “Death’s Disciples” and sounds like David Vincent era Morbid Angel. It’s damn sweet!! Everything on this disc should be at least decent for you avid death fans, at least it was for me. Most of the songs are definitely good quality tracks.

Rating: 84