Mirrorthrone - Of Wind and Weeping (Red Stream) - Back
This isn't your typical black metal corpse-paint/non-stop hyper-speed/satanic or pagan cliché!! Indeed, Mirrorthrone does possess some faster extracts amongst it's otherwise ethereal, atmospheric, bleak passages which is conclusively entitled, Of Wind and Weeping. Mirrorthrone is not a full band at present, it is a title fronted by one man whom calls himself Vladimir. In turn, Vladimir single-handedly produced, mixed and mastered the entire portfolio of what is currently Mirrorthrone ('cept of course for the female vocals). A very well-talented and well-executed piece of musical art, especially seeing how this is a debut album. There is some room for improvement, however, but in this style of music anything is possible. The only set-back is that I think Vladimir should find a drummer for the next release to make the atmosphere more crisp. The artwork (photography) is stellar... the musical approach and poetic thoughts should be left intact. It would be a tragedy to see Mirrorthrone go astray with so much potential! In my opinion, Mirrorthrone is enchanting, yet frightfully haunting.

Rating: 85

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell