Mirrorthrone - Carriers of Dust (Red Stream) - Back
The fascination of Vladimir’s first release certainly carries onward into the 2nd offering, Carriers of Dust! Although the production far surpasses "Of Wind & Weeping" (not that that was bad anyways), the tempo isn't nearly as unpredictable. Not a bad thing, it just means Vlad is writing more aggressive music. Like I said, not a bad thing! There are only 4 tracks, but a hefty 46 minutes more than compensates anyone in question. Mirrorthrone continues the array of mystic romanticism with unique synthesizer notes, varied guitar tones (less acoustic, but more fast & distorted solo-notes) and those damned awesome shamaniac choruses! CoD lavishes with more of a death metal-oriented feel than before. The opening track (A Scream to Express the Hate of a Race) is extremely evident in that assumption. The drum sound is the most pleasing surprise on this album. They are well varied and detailed like an intricate player would be. Even though Vladimir pretty much wrote, performed & engineered everything on this release, it sounds like a very sophisticated band at the peak of creativity! On top of that, the imagery behind the lyrics (still mostly in French, except for the 1st track) and the baroque structures from before are in fact - in tact! This release shows Vladimir as one of the most intelligent writers / producers in the metal scene, period. If you like other powerful stuff like Opeth, Shape of Despair, Agalloch, Dimmu Borgir, Diabolical Masquerade or even Arcturus... CHECK THIS STUFF OUT NOW!!!!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell