Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass - Fiend Club Lounge (Misfits Records/Rykodisc) - Back
First off, it’s hard to review a CD like this with serious intensions, especially on a metal site. But, as it says on the booklet in the plastic case, you have to think of this as a tribute to the Misfits. It’s supposed to be fun and funny. Now with that said, Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass “Fiend Club Lounge” is a CD made up of many of your favorite Misfits songs. The twist here is that it’s done by a lounge act. Yeah that’s right, a CD filled with lounge covers of Misfits’ songs. I consider myself a fan of the Misfits, and the bigger fan you are, the more you will like this CD. The best comparison I can make for metalheads is when Pat Boone’s “In A Metal Mood” was released. It might be a little cheesy, but you find yourself singing the lyrics anyway. Sure, it’s cool to hear a different version of great songs like these, but musically it has nothing for metalheads, except for those who might know the words to the songs. The main difference here is that there is no singing, so you will have to know the lyrics yourself for “Fiend Club Lounge.” To me, the band reminds me of a college band in its ability to play, while being a little raw on the edges…it’s not quite an orchestra feel. I found the disc to be quite weird. This CD is nothing I could listen to anywhere close to a normal Misfits album, but there is still something that makes you want to listen to this disc. It might be as simple as curiosity. And curiosity killed the cat…poor, poor kitty. But seriously, as I was listening to it, I kept thinking, I wonder how they will do that part of the song. Anyhow, there are tons of songs you will know including, “Last Caress,” “Some Kinda Hate,” and “Die, Die My Darling.” I doubt interest in this disc for most metalheads, but if you are a member of the Fiend Club, or a Misfits song or two, you might want to check this out for something different, or to laugh at. When it comes down to it, there really isn’t much a metal fan would like musically, that’s why the rating is so low.

Rating: 44