Mistweaver - Age Of Darkness (Golden Lake Productions) - Back
Eleven tracks and almost forty-nine minutes of melodic death/doom metal with a little medieval folk radiate off of Mistweaver’s instruments on their 4th studio release, 3rd full-length, “Age of Darkness.” You can hear characteristics from their original sound, which includes doom and black metal. They can also create quite an atmosphere. The music is a little raw but has a sound akin to Moonspell, Cradle of Filth, and Amon Amarth. Some of the guitars can get you right into songs especially the powerful, epic, death riffs. The one thing I don’t understand about their music is why they switch between melodic death and mideval doomy atmosphere so abruptly. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, its cuts the flow. So maybe they can work on the bridging a little, it could make their music excellent. Maybe they like high contrast in parts, but it’s like they jump from element to element just to do the change. The layers of elements are what makes this disc respectable. In other words, the musicians complement each other well. And the keys tie everything together in the good parts, but are off in the mediocre parts. One other thing is the drums may be more aggressive than they need to me at times. “Age of Darkness” was mastered at famous Finnvox Studios in Helsinki Finland, but surprisingly could use a little production help. I’d say the positives definitely out way the negatives…Burgos, Spain should be proud to have Mistweaver.

Rating: 74