Mithras - Behind The Shadows Lie Madness (Candlelight Records) - Back
Mithras, a two-man outfit from England, execute an elite form of atmospheric brutality! Behind the Shadows Lie Madness is their 3rd disc and consists of 12 tracks and around 45 minutes of playtime. The concept behind Mithras is cosmic, chaotic and mysterious. All of the music sounds like it was blanketed by layers of flange (reverb) to make it sound alien from most other acts in the underground death metal scene. Experimental is precise, but the term doesn't begin to emphasize the maturity thrown in the mix. Where I believe the term "experimental" comes into place is the soothing ambient passages found throughout the disc. The guitar solos on the disc are absolutely amazing! They're mostly melodic and super fast, but also distinct enough to sorta characterize. The rhythms are equally technical with near Nile or Morbid Angel-like heaviness. The damn drumwork on this album is as fast as a speeding bullet and also very cohesive for the style of death metal. The vocals pretty much sound like David Vincent, which is cool. If it's possible, I believe Mithras have touched base with something like progressive, ambient death metal. Very neat and beautiful sounding for something as brutal as death metal. For those who have not heard them before, gather some of their material. You won't be disappointed!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell