Mnemic - Passenger (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
If you weren’t quite clear on what Mnemic means when they call their sound “future fusion metal,” you will after listening to “Passenger.” The band’s 3rd album defines the tagline with a mammoth metal attack of highly melodic choruses, odd time-signature experimentations, demonic growls and electronic blips that could make Optimus Prime and his merry band of Autobots blush.

Normally, any band that uses the death to clean vocal volley is a tough sell for me, but Mnemic really makes the formula work on “Passenger,” thanks in large part to new frontman Guillaume Bideau (formerly of the band Scarve) who delivers an amazing, frenetic vocal performance. This guy is seriously gifted.

"Passenger" also owes a lot to the production team. Every song feels like it was crafted with secret lab-like precision; an absolute must in my book for bands that use electronics. Tech trickery such as the robotic-tunnel glimmer of the chorus on "Electric I'd Hypocrisy," comes through with remarkable clarity. Fortunately, however, all this fine-tuning does not come at the expense of the band’s musical brutality. “Passenger” serves up a wicked bowl of metal riffs with more crunch than a mouthful of Raisin Bran. Tracks like “Meaningless” and “The Eye On Your Back” absolutely rip right from the get go.

I have to say Mnemic really surprised me with “Passenger.” I’m already strapping myself in for ride four.


Reviewed By: Jackhammer