Modus Operandi - One Way Ride (Independent) - Back
Modus Operandi is an interesting name for a band that has an interesting sound. The band is comprised of a vocalist, a guitarist that also does programming and sampling and a drummer. They have wrote an EP entitled "One Way Ride." While this disk has some metal sound to it, the majority seems to be too electronic, at least for my tastes. The better parts do remind me of KMFDM or maybe even Ministry. I noticed a techno sound a few times as well. The quality for the sound production is a little rough. Certain instruments weren't mixed as good as others. But, there were a few parts in "Dekonstruct" and "Removal" that were pretty decent but that is about it. Five songs for almost twenty-five minutes of music. It seems to be a little bit of an amateur attempt of producing electrically energized music. It's not a horrible disk, but it's nothing special. Modus Operandi might have an interesting sound but it doesn't benefit the band in any way.

Rating: 67