Monkeynut - Groove Bus (Hardknocks Records) - Back
What do you get when you put four crazy guys together? You get Monkeynut! Alan, Mark, Brian and Randy, those four crazy guys from Columbus, Ohio comeback with a new album entitled "Groove Bus." The band has compiled ten songs that last over thirty-six minutes, and they include a remake and extended version of "I Like Coffee, I Like Tea." Other songs on this CD that got my attention are "Disappear," and "Hold On It's About To Get Crazy." There is also a video on the CD for the people that have PC computers. The video is for their song "Disappear." They have the power to get you moving and make you want to throw people around in the pit. There sound is a cross of Korn, Limp Bizkit, Pantera and Slayer with a touch of rawness that give them their own sound. Monkeynut loves to play live, if your interested in booking then, check out their web page at From what I understand, these crazy guys put on a show that is a different experience then anything else you have seen.

Rating: 86