Monolithe - Monolithe II (Candlelight) - Back
Monolithe was created in France back in 2001. “Monolithe II” is their second album, and there are both comprised of about the same things…one track lasting over fifty minutes. 50:24 for the new CD, to be exact. There are elements that will make you ponder bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost. Novembers Doom also comes to mind. Many unique elements are combined into one song, which can seem a little unorganized at times. It may be that a few chaotic parts were written info their music. If I had to classify Monolithe, it would be doom metal. They are mystical, dark, and atmospheric. Roughly the same atmosphere and feeling as Anathema. Slow, pounding riffs and deep, guttural death vocals are also evident. This album left me with a little bit of a curious feeling after listening to the complete disc. Will they continue in the same direction? Hopefully, they will take it to the next level.

Rating: 82