Moonlyght - Progressive Darkness (Escapi) - Back
This French-Canadian quintet have been slowly escalating in recognition for a few years now. Moonlyght plays mostly dark metal with some folk and black metal elements! "Progressive Darkness" is their debut release and oddly enough, had originally been released in 2002 through another label. Here we are, regardless, with what is quite an amazing album to say the least. There are many musical twists and turns, but the music is pretty much as the title states very clearly- Progressive Darkness. If anyone has heard of bands like Throes of Dawn or a slightly darker Opeth, you'll have an idea of what they sound like (to me, anyways). Much of the desired inspiration seems catapulted by battles and mysticism, if you read some of the lyrical compositions. The only criticisms I have with this release is that it took so long for it to be released stateside - hehe. Moonlyght is a great new dark band. I hope they stick around and do what they have done on Progressive Darkness in their future!

Rating: 86

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell