Moonsorrow - Verisäkeet (Spikefarm) - Back
"Heathen metal" is the description laid before us with Moonsorrow's fourth full-length entitled "Verisäkeet"! The Finns folkloric approach this time is much more conceptual and mesmerizing than anything previous. It consists of 5 songs and runs amidst the 70-minute range, so an enduring epic saga of sorts it is! The quintet have brought a more "raw" approach to the citadel, as with their earliest releases (Tämä.... demo and Suden Uni) and have further progressed into the widespread landscapes of music. Don't think of the 5 tracks as individual tracks, think of 5 tracks as 1 magical experience. There is an essence of wilderness as with crickets, birds, the sea, the wind, bonfires, battles long forgotten, and of course, the excellent collaboration that Moonsorrow has always presented - genuine folkloric black metal!! This album is the most epic metal offering to be unleashed from Finland since perhaps, Amorphis' "Tales from the Thousand Lakes"! Albums like these are not meant for simple listening pleasures, they're meant for the mind to soak in and embrace. Such is the case for me. Grab your horns, your mead and drink to your hearts' content!!! (Please, no drinking and driving!)

Rating: 98

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell