Moonspell - Under Satanae (SPV / Steamhammer) - Back
"Under Satanae" is the name chosen for the newest Moonspell offering. However, this does not consist of new material necessarily. All 10 tracks are re-recorded songs from the "Under the Moonspell" mcd, the "Anno Satanae" demo and the legendary 1st ever Moonspell (or Morbid God, at that time) track... Serpent Angel! Everything pretty much sounds the same except for the much more refined production. OK... so I guess that would mean it doesn't sound "exactly" the same. The aura of their early sound such as the erotic, romantic, almost Mediterranean atmosphere from the early days is very much present on this release. The bass and guitar sound is very much a raw prototype as on the original releases, but the drums bring out a much more diverse level rather than the simple drum sound from before. The drums sound still has that thrashy 80's kick-type style. I suppose, too, you could look at it from the other standpoint as well. It's tough to analyze after hearing most of this for so many years with the muddier sound. Langsuyars' (or Fernando) vocals are straight up filthy. Deep guttural growls accompany high black metal style screams and of course, that sorta southern style chant or yell. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this if you were a fan from back then. If you have just recently started to follow Moonspell or are yet to hear them, all the power. Let it be known that this is Moonspell’s beginning, their roots and their foundation. You need to hear this one first! Enjoy!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell