Moratorium/Beautician - Split (Independent) - Back
On this split CD we have two death metal bands from the United Kingdom, Moratorium a death/thrash mix and Beautician a death/grind band. Moratorium could be compared to The Haunted for the most part. They have well-constructed songs and fastidious riffs to mosh to, but more raw like old Venom or Witchery with less production. Beautician is similar to Mortician, but more extreme. They do, however, take a step away from the Mortician moniker that their last release had. There is only so much room in the world for bands like that; at least they try to get out from underneath the Mortician name. It’s probably the synthetic drums that are the culprit; their guitars have a completely different sound. A few things that Beautician does do well are the brutal, heavy riffs and extreme, speed riffs. It’s almost awe-inspiring. However, one thing I wish this disc had was better production, it takes away from the music of each band. It would sound better with a crisp production. “From the Heart of an Impenetrable Darkness” is my favorite track from Moratorium and “Human Waste” and “Diet By The Sword” are my picks from the Beautician half. Nothing is truly exceptional, but I think both bands will be turning some heads.

Rating: 67