Morbid Execution - Total Devotion (Deathgasm Records) - Back
Hailing from Poland, Morbid Execution will take you back to when metal started to be come more extreme. These guys can be considered a collaboration of everything from back in the day. It depends on how you see it but it’s old school death metal or black metal that has the sound of roots like Hellhammer, Venom and Celtic Frost. Musically “Total Devotion” is kind of simplistic, riffing wise, but it’s also kind of catchy. The drums aren’t anymore complex than a simple beat too, which they use throughout. He does change it up, but the main body of each song is very similar to each other…it speeds up that’s about it. Death growls are used for the main vocals for the five the tracks, but this MCD doesn’t quite last thirteen minutes. With tracks between two and three minutes, it makes you hunger for a little more. The members of Throneum that are in this band need to guide this band a little because I see nothing to write home about. But it’s cool to see a band do death metal like it used to be.

Rating: 69