Morgana-X - Live Rehearsal Demo (Independent) - Back
The Netherlands are the home of experimental progressive metal band Morgana-X. They formed back in February 2001 to create music with power, variety, and dynamics. Morgana-X has released a "Live Rehearsal Demo." This is a pretty good quality demo, especially for a live one. They say that the best way to hear their band is live, at it sounds good. The band definitely has their own and unique style, but keep with some of the structures of progressive metal, comparable to Dream Theater. This CD is composed of three songs for a total of fourteen and a half minutes, enough to give you a taste of what the band is all about. All the songs are generally good and my favorite of the tracks is number two, "Red Soil." There is more to come from these guys in the future and its promised to be more melodic, powerful and creative. Now that sounds refreshing to me. You can reach the band at [email protected] or go to their web site at If your interested you can order the CD through either the e-mail address or the web site.

Rating: 76