Morionor - Noctem Invictus (Independent) - Back
Normally when you think of black metal Atlanta, Georgia isn’t where you expect to find it. At least not in a listenable form. Morionor hails from right there, and they are more than the average black metal band too. Their music is taken from a compendium of sources typically black, power, and death metal. This combination along with their writing style has created a hybrid that I enjoy from the extreme, non-stop, shredding leads and demanding, pounding and powerful blast beats to the melodic riffs and mystical keys. They know how to play mellow and intense, as well as how to coalesce them. If you’re a person that tends to label music, then how’s this for you…multilayered technical, progressive and melodic black/death metal. For me it reminds me some of the band Scholomance. Their influences include Iron Maiden, Emperor, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, DarkThrone, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Carcass, Sonata Arctica, and DragonForce. And you do hear each of those bands as you voyage through this recording. It’s hard to believe this is only their second album. One item I must point out is how it seems that this album gets better the further you get into it. A great way to keep your listeners focused! I guess a few people would find this to be a challenge to listen due to the complexity. Maybe too much going on for people, but I think they have something good going. Plus their songs have length to them; 6 tracks almost 35 minutes! The last track on this CD is their cover of “Disciples of Babylon”, which was written by DragonForce. The arrangement is good, and the acoustic and key parts are eloquent. I just wish they just did the whole song with their black metal vocals. The singing parts aren’t the best, and they didn’t use them on their own songs, so why switch for a cover? Anyhow, I’m very interested in what these gentlemen have in story for the future. Morionor has the ability, lets see what they can do with it!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins