Mors In Tabula - Promo CD 2004 (Independent) - Back
Brutal death/industrial would be the best way to explain Mors In Tabula. But, to say that this band has heavy riffs is an understatement. Their new disc “Promo CD 2004” is heavy enough to loosen the bowels of a dead man. Samael comes to mind but this is much more brutal and more industrial…almost if Skinless and Rammstein were combined or Mortician and Slipknot, somewhere along those lines. It’s death metal with industrial atmospheres. The death and industrial elements give this disc tons of energy and vitality in a dark, eerie way. Most riffs aren’t to complex, but they compliment the synths well. If they were to complex, they would probably have too much going on! The vocals are a cross between the band November 17 and Orphanage almost to a “T.” I’ve always been interested in a combination of music like this, and I think it works well. I can picture some of this music in a horror movie. The industrial may turn off some metal heads, but with out it, this album would be like every other band, and it wouldn’t hit as hard either. Cranks this up and piss off your neighbors!!

Rating: 78