Mors Principium Est - Liberation = Termination (Listenable Records) - Back
This is one incredibly diverse slab of metal ruthlessness!! The band is called Mors Principium Est or "Death is Just the Beginning." This is their third installment called "Liberation = Termination," which includes 11 tracks and is held just under 40 minutes. Given that, I would suggest listening to it many, many times before switching discs. Every album has, thus far, progressed in every angle you care to look at the music and this one certainly excels in that. This is heavier, more technical, faster and catchier. Evaluating the disc instrument by instrument, I'd have to say the most impressive piece is the drummer Mikko Sipola. It is very rare to hear a drummer blast away with a guitar solo while also establishing some pacing of his own. I can only think of a select few others... Roddy, Hoglan, Blomberg. Speaking of talent, now you know how difficult it is to maintain a bass line here. Good work to Teemu! The guitarwork of both Jarkko and Karri are oblivious to anything that would be considered Doom metal I would think. These riffs are speed crazy, but also technical as fuck without lack of groove. The new keyboard player is immediately noticed in the albumís intro and in "The Animal Within." For the most part, the work done here runs parallels with the guitars and maintains a rhythm during various string frolicking. Finally, Villeís vocals would lead you to believe that he may very well be keeping the Ricola company in business 'cause I can't imagine him sounding this vicious show after show on the road without some herbal throat drops from time to time! Like the album would suggest, Liberation does equal Termination, and whence Mors Principium Est would damn near equal Holy shit, Batman!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell