Mortifer - If Tomorrow Comes (Valiant Music Productions) - Back
Eighties style thrash is the best way to describe the style of Mortifer. Their music sounds similar to old Metallica, Overkill and Slayer. They have a good grip of thrash, because this music reminds me so much of their predecessors. "If Tomorrow Comes" might not be as good as the early thrash bands, but Mortifer has put out a strong album. All of their songs are similar in style, and there are good riffs in all of their songs. There are eight songs on this album, and over thirty-seven minutes of classic eighties style metal. Among my favorite songs on this album "Slave Of Fate" is probably my favorite song. It just seems like it was put together the best, and the riffs are very catchy. "Crematory's Yard" is another good song, for similar reasons as the previous mentioned song. Mortifer ends this CD with a ballad, entitled "Don't Say Never." What would be more eighties then having a ballad on your thrash album. This song is another good song. You can tell that these guys love music.

Rating: 79