Mortuary Oath - Whispers From Her Grave (Independent) - Back
Combining thrash and a black/death metal sound together has been becoming more popular within the last year or so. Mortuary Oath uses this technique, and it seems that they are almost at where they need to be. There just seems that something is missing from their music. They don't have the rich sound of a Witchery type band. Don't get me wrong, there are some great riffs on this CD, but some of the songs sound alike, maybe a little to alike. I'm not positive, but I think there is a drum machine used on this CD, it might give them more of a rich sound if they can find a drummer to go with their music. The ten tracks on this CD send you off to a mystic place for nearly fifty minutes. The first two tracks "The Forest" and "Dorian's Portrait"are pretty good songs. Pretty much all of the songs have that catchy King Diamond/Mercyful Fate type riffing style. The last track is a cover of "Eleanor Rigby," and it is a great cover. If your into any of the aforementioned bands you may want to take a listen to a track or two from their CD "Whispers From Her Grave." You may encounter another band that you might like.

Rating: 75