Mudslinger - Cover The Sun (Independent) - Back
Death metal is written all over this CD. Mudslinger's EP "Cover The Sun" showcases their guttural vocals, with down tuned guitars, and drums that pummel your brain. This is probably one of the most brutal metal bands I have heard in a few years. It's hard to point out what bands sound similar to their sound but it is somewhat of a cross between Mortician, Machine Head and Crowbar. Their music might seem simplistic and slow at times, but it also works to their advantage as well. Song three, "Lambs," can be very catchy, the drumbeat and heavy guitar riffs keeps your head banging throughout the main part of the song. This disk has five songs and over a half hour of brutal death metal. The quality of the recording is relatively good for an unsigned band, and maybe in the future they maybe able to sign a record deal, if they can make more songs sound like "Lambs" and "Dust. This is the first music that I have heard from this band, so hopefully they will create more in the near future that is heavy and unforgiving.

Rating: 74