Mudvayne - The Beginning of All Things to End (Epic) - Back
In the short time since Mudvayne has bursted on the seen they have gained a good deal of recognition. It's part in who they have been touring with and who they have met. This has led them to reissue their 1997 CD because it is so sought after, formerly known as "Kill I Oughtta" is now called "The Beginning of All Things to End." Even though this CD is not as tight as their last CD, it's still pretty good. This reissue has a total of eleven tracks, which in addition to the original EP, include some live tracks, two remixed of "Dig," and interludes from L.D. 50. A few tracks that grabbed my attention were "Seed" and "Cultivate." The first track "Pooploser" is a song similar to Korn's "Twist." It's a short song that is good but for no particular reason except that it is different. Besides that the live tracks are ok as well as the remixes of "Dig." Fifty-seven minutes will let you see the past and future of this band. "The Beginning of All Things to End" is a nice disk to put out to settle the appetite of their fans until their next release.

Rating: 76