Mugzu - …Not Really (Independent) - Back
Mugzu is an aggressive and ferocious band from Dallas, Texas. They consider themselves thrash metal, but its sounds like they have some hardcore and punk influences too. Slayer comes to mind along with Gwar. It’s not that prevalent but there are parts that remind me of the band Helmet as well. “…Not Really” is packed with heavy and nasty thrash riffs and has solid foundation of drums and bass guitar. The intensity doesn’t really stop; it’s almost always in your face. Vocals are somewhat of a hardcore voice, basically just screams. Most of the time they are a cohesive band, but there are a few slightly sloppy parts. This ep has a fast tempo, mostly in a similar manner as System of a Down. A good example of this is track “Built Like Danzing.” But for the most part the tracks are average with a few brushes of grandeur; nothing is bad. Few choice riffs make a few songs stand out like “Conan’s Funeral,” “Night Watchman,” and Chassin’ the Yankee Dollar.” You might like this if you are a fan of loud and abrasive music. Their style is kind of unique. It’s a nice change, but still not as welcoming as others.

Rating: 70