MullMuzzler - 2 (Magna Carta) - Back
James LaBrie is best know for his work with Dream Theater. What most people don't know is that he has another band called MullMuzzler. This band released their first album back in 1999 entitled "Keep It To Yourself." The latest work by LaBrie and crew has been simply named "2." This music is similar to Dream Theater, it is progressive, and it picks up were the last album left off, but with improvements. The songs are written better, and it has a more professional sound to it. And with any Dream Theater album, James LaBrie's voice is amazing, and he ties the band together with it. The ten tracks will leave you mesmerized for fifty-two minutes worth of music. My favorite tracks include "Confronting The Devil" and "Falling." Some decent tracks include "Venice Burning," "A Simple Man," "Believe," and "Tell Me." The CD as a whole is pretty amazing, there really isn't a bad song and you can see how much feeling they put into their music. Fans of Dream Theater or progressive music in general will definitely like MullMuzzler. So go check them out and don't delay.

Rating: 85