Musaka - Ancient Memories (Metalopolis) - Back
Another one-man project entitled, Musaka. Boris Todorovic has written, composed and recorded everything on "Ancient Memories".... and it shows. This is a home-produced effort! Musaka, to me, presents a very raw feel with a doom/death metal atmosphere. For what this is, though, it brings to light the direction that Boris wants to travel. There are many awkward moments on Ancient Memories. For example, the guitar sound altogether has artificial and sometimes- imprecise digital timing with the same thing happening for all of the instruments. I suppose you would have to expect something like that to happen during the early stages of home-craftsman/musicianship. I really don't mind any of the tunes. They're actually particularly good! There are some pretty decent riffs and keyboard elaborations. I think with time, things will sound a lot more fluent. Sounds a bit like early-Skepticism or perhaps even Decoryah with death grunting. You may just want to check out Musaka's website to see what Boris is up to next!!

Rating: 64

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell