Mushroomhead - XX (Eclipse Records) - Back
Originally founded by Skinny, the drummer of Mushroomhead, the band has released their forth album. This bands gets an amazing draw to their concerts, and if you ask me its very well deserved. Mushroomhead has sold out every show they have played since 1995, that's definitely something to be proud about. If you haven't heard them yet, the band takes sounds from all types of music. They are mainly a mix of hardcore, metal and industrial, but they do have influences from hiphop to techno, and ambience as well. The best way I can describe this band is basically a cross between Pantera and Faith No More, and that is definitely on the more intense side of these bands. This eight member group can really get things going. "XX" is filled with creative music. The whole CD is well written, produced, mixed, etc. My favorite songs on this CD are "Before I Die," "BWOMP," "Solitaire/Unraveling," "These Filthy Hands," and "The New Cult King." The rest of the songs are good as well. There are thirteen tracks, plus one hidden track on this over seventy-one minute disk. Watch for this band to get big quickly, especially with music wrote as well as "XX."

Rating: 94