Mushroomhead - Filthy Hands Sampler (Eclipse Records) - Back
Back in 1993 a band with 7 members formed, and was named Mushroomhead. At the time they considered the band a side project, but it has developed into a full fledge assault on the metal scene. Combining many different aspects they formed a band that has the power of Pantera with the atmosphere and feeling of Faith No More and also a little smack in the face of older Korn. A very interesting mix. This CD, "Filthy Hands Sampler" is best described in that way. Its unlike any other metal that I have listened to before. All three songs on this CD are very well written. Weird and Chaotic at times, and heavy and stomping at others. There is not a bad songs on this disk, and even though there is only three tracks on this CD, I'm sure that their full-length will be worth it, when it comes out. The full-length will come out in the Spring of 2001, which I highly suggest you invest in. You can currently get this three song sampler through Eclipse Records at the website

Rating: 88